Monday, February 2, 2015

Update on Flight Bookings (31 January 2015)

Dear Final Leg Team Members;

We are still in the process of booking flights for the Final Leg Team.  To date, we have about 1/3 of the team booked.  Things have been moving a little slower than we had planned for a number of reasons.  First, our Special Olympics travel agent has been inundated with rescheduling flights due to recent bad weather around the country in addition to booking several international events for Special Olympics.  Secondly, we are still having difficulty with individuals responding to and approving the flight itineraries within the 24 hour window that we can hold flights before they are paid for.  And last, many of the credit card numbers provided by the programs for payment of the flights have changed requiring us to call the programs which is very time consuming.

I thought I owed everyone an explanation and also wanted you to remind you to remain vigilant in checking your e-mail regularly and responding promptly.  It is our intention to have all of the booking completed by February 10th.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!  I will be meeting in LA at the end of next week for further planning and discussion about our Final Leg event.  Please be on the lookout for a Final Leg update in the very near future!

All the best;

John Newnan
Team Captain
2015 Los Angeles Final Leg

(410) 207-3117

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