Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Message from the Team Captain



To all of the selected Torch Runners, Special Olympics athletes, Running Team Leaders and Logistics Team members, WELCOME to the 2015 Los Angeles Final Leg Team!

Excitement is in the air…..the 2015 Final Leg event is only 240 days away and it will be here before you know it!  Our Final Leg Committee and Logistics Team are working hard to insure that this Final Leg event is going to be inspirational, motivational and will create excitement for the 2015 Los Angeles Special Olympics World Summer Games and awareness for Special Olympics.  Along the way, we will visit a multitude of cities, towns, urban, suburban and rural communities, spreading law enforcement’s message of love and support for the Games and Special Olympics all across the expanse of the great state of California.  

I have attached a rather lengthy letter to this message that gives you a lot of preliminary information about the Final Leg event as well as your respective team assignments.  There one very important thing that we need you to take care of right away.  As you know, each Special Olympics/LETR program is responsible for the cost of the roundtrip airfare for their selected runner as well as the cost of the uniform kit (estimated to be no more than $450).  I have attached a form with instructions on how to submit a credit card number from your program to pay for the roundtrip airfare.  This is completed through a secure and encrypted website.  FCM Travel will be booking all airfare so that we can insure that arrivals and departures are within the required time parameters and allows us to plan appropriately for ground transportation to and from the airport.  We will coordinate all of the travel arrangements.  Every effort will be made to obtain the lowest cost airfare available.  The runner and program will receive an itinerary with the ticket cost before actual booking for your final approval.  We can only hold the booking for 24 hours before they are paid for so you must check your e-mail regularly!  Information about uniform payment will come in a future communication after the final cost of the uniform kit is determined.

I won’t bore you with repetitive information in this message that is included in the attached letter.  PLEASE read it very carefully!  You will be getting further correspondence from me as well as your Team Leader as we move closer to the event.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Again, congratulations on your selection as a Final Leg Team member!  An amazing, awe-inspiring adventure is ahead of you, very often described by former Final leg Team members as life changing!

All the best;

John Newnan
Team Captain 
2015 Los Angeles Final Leg

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